The Vibrant African marketplace - everyone’s welcome. This body of work embodies the integration and vibrancy of a modern African market.  This vibration is presented using brand colours and mix usage of people mostly found in markets.
A vibrant African marketplace we can define it in different ways and through our lenses as we share these vast experiences.
My inspiration on the work I had to look at the local market where it is less regulated it’s just a free flow market with no signage. Being in South Africa is a blessing as this country has so much to offer, in culture, creativity and food. My iteration was more focused on these interactions and balance that is connected by numerous activities and using the patterns to indicate that. I have borrowed pieces form some African patterns to highlight and identify the truest form of an African presentation.
My objective was not to only focus on the traders that one might find at a market, as we have moved on now there are live performances in our markets besides salespeople selling products and getting potential customers.
Including an artifact was also inspired by what I’m more likely to see in a market and clients negotiating a better price than what is being offered. Having a diverse customer in the market depicts visually what a market is more likely to look like.
After all it is a Vibrant market place where everyone is welcome.
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